Solar water heaters can operate in any climate. Performance varies depending, in part, on how much solar energy is available at the site, but also on how cold the water coming into the system is. The colder the water, the more efficiently the system operates. In almost all climates, you will need a conventional backup. When we hang out our clothes to dry in the sun, we use the energy of the sun. In the same way, solar panels absorb the energy of the sun to provide heat for heating water. Such systems are available with infyenergy solar and are being used in homes and factories.
Before investing in solar energy system, it is more cost effective to invest in making your home more energy efficient. Taking steps to use less hot water and to lower the temperature of the hot water you use reduces the size and cost of your solar water heater.
You'll also want to make sure your site has enough available sunshine to meet your needs efficiently and economically. infyenergy solar equipment supplier can advice a solar site analysis for you free of cost.